Monday, December 23, 2013

Olaso sanctioned for match fixing and releases statement Olaso, the Spanish player who was revealed as the player under investigation for match fixing has received a five year ban (this is quoted by numerous media outlets but in the players statement he says 3 and a half years) and £15300 fine. confirmed that the match in question was between Olaso and Kazahastans Daniil Braun at the president cup challenger in Astana 2010. Below is a translated statement of what he said:-

Today December 23, 2013 the arbitrator Richard McLaren announced the decision to impose a penalty based on the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program for a period of three and a half years, a training course corruption, and a fine of $ 25,000 . Faced with this decision I should clarify:

That in 2010 I was contacted by a Russian criminal organization dedicated to commit fraud in sports betting. Your broker, the Serbian player David Savic, asked me to fix the outcome of the first round match against Astana Challenger Danjil Braun.
Given this approach does not react properly and I was wrapped in a very difficult situation that I came to cause a picture of fear and anxiety that seriously affected my athletic performance.
However, I must clarify that I did not accept the proposal, which rejected all offers of money, I have not settled in my career the outcome of any tennis match, and that after the ordeal I have been reporting on multiple occasions the Tennis Integrity Unit approaches that I have suffered. I must also encourage all players to immediately report such situations to avoid becoming involved in situations like that I suffered in 2010.
Although the prosecution had requested a life ban and $ 100,000 fine, I think the penalty of three and a half years and $ 25,000 is still excessive and disproportionate, and will be challenged before the Court of Swiss Arbitration, where defend my innocence and my right to continue my career.

In the statement he mentions Serbias David Savic who recieved a life ban due to match fixing in September 2012. 
Correction - just to clarify he was sentenced to five years but if he pays the fine within the alloted time he can only just serve 3.5 years. 

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