Monday, February 17, 2014

Del Potro criticises the Argentinian tennis association

 The gap between Juan Martin Del Potro and the Argentinian Tennis Association (AAT) widened today after Del Potro stated that he will not participate in the Davis Cup this year. Del Potro has openly expressed in the past that he is unhappy about how the AAT treats him. He released the following statement quoting the Buenos Aires Herald:-

"In November I made public a letter in which I showed my disappointment with the doublespeak and hypocrisy that reigns with regards to the Davis Cup. From that point nothing has changed, it has only got worse,"
“in order to justify resignations that only serve as a cover," and assured that he had never requested a captain and always respected "other people's decisions."
"Out of respect for those who follow me, who enjoy tennis, who have memories and know what I have done in the Davis Cup and Olympics, out of respect for the silent majority that enjoy the sport and are far from those who insult rivals or punish someone from their country, I will not play the Davis Cup in 2014,"

There will be a response from the AAT tomorrow is a press conference scheduled around 14:00 local time however have quoted Arturo Grimaldi in a interview this evening with TYCsports Argentina. The entire text is hard to translate to English but below is some of the key quotes from Grimaldi. 

"We will respect and support his decision was " pulled. He also admitted his surprise at the player's clubs against the Association : "I would like to know what you mean ."

" He never asked for money or a change of captain , beyond any award."
"I'm surprised with what he said. Believe that anger is not with us ," he said . And , to avoid keep adding new problems , he was open to dialogue : " I would talk to him to see terms and to tell me their problems never told me anything I'm willing to test a formula to find solutions The . . . talk must be with us, not with Lendl . "
"The team is one with Juan Martin and one without ." But apparently that's something that just few cares. Widespread anger peaked in the series against Italy with Davis cries against Del Potro . Following that, the pope of the AAT did not fail to answer and defended . "People will forget what he did for Argentina ," closed

 This is a slap in the AAT's face especially with Grimaldi admitting just two weeks ago that changes will need to be made to the association. Del Potro's Davis Cup record is currently at a 12-4 win-loss ratio with him last playing in September 2012.

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