Saturday, July 27, 2013

Participation in sport in England down 200,000 but tennis is up

With it being a year since London hosted one of the greatest Olympics of all time, Sport England has released some participation figures. To the relief of the LTA, tennis has managed to not follow the trend in falling participation figures over the past year in England with a increase. In Apr 11- Apr 12 there was 420,000 people who participated in tennis once a week against a increase to 424,300 during Apr 12 - Apr 13. Swimming and Boxing are the only other two sports to also see a increase in their participation figures. 

These figures are extremely vital for British tennis funding. Back in June Sport Endland told the LTA to improve their figures or they will without a doubt receive a funding cut. It is also obviously expected that participation in tennis will increase more thanks to Amdys Murrays Wimbledon triumph. Christmas has certainly come early for LTA chief executive Roger Draper.

Heres the figures from Sport England via

Apr 2012-Apr 2013 Apr 2011-Apr 2012 % change
Swimming 2.89m 2.82m +2.39%
Athletics 1.96m 1.99m -1.82%
Football 1.94m 2.2m -11.76%
Cycling 1.87m 1.93m -3.54%
Golf 772,800 908,000 -14.89%
Tennis 424,300 420,300 +0.95%
Squash 257,700 281,100 -8.32%
Cricket 189,400 211,300 -10.36%
Rugby union 166,400 197,500 -15.75%
 Boxing 150,100 139,200 +7.83%             

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