Sunday, July 7, 2013

Victory for Murray, Victory for the British

Seventy seven years of waiting for the British public has joyfully come to a end thanks to Andy Murrys memorable 6-4 7-5 6-4 triumph over Novak Djokovic. After all those year of watching Brits enter wimbledon with high hopes but not quite making it (Henman, Rusedski), Murrays triumphs dominates British news tonight as well as twitter with praise coming from Olympians, politicians, show biz stars and football stars. Being a Brit it personally makes me proud a Brit has finally win the mens singles (Vaginia wade won the women's in 1977).

As for the upcoming hard court season, this will obviously be a massive boost for the defending US champion Murray.  Murray who has a game for the hard courts which his speed has reached the finals of 25 hard court ATP competitions out of his total of 42 so far.without a doubt the rest of the top 10 will be keeping a even closer eye on the new wimbledon champion. Well done Andy Murry!!!! 

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