Monday, July 8, 2013

Murray mania has gripped the UK!!

Just under 24 hours ago Andy Murray achieved his dream and the dreams of millions British fans by winning Wimbledon. The British media has had a field day with Murray being on the front of most if not all British newspapers. So lets look at this numbers:-

77 - 77 years since the last Brit won the mens singles at Wimbledon. (Fred perry)

17.29 million - This was the tv peak ratings of the final with a average of 12.09m. This makes it the highest viewed UK program of 2013 so far and the second most watched wimbledon final of all time (first is Borg-McEnroe in 1980- 17.3m).

7 - Murrays new favourite number? Won on 7/7,77 years after the last Brit.

20 million - the projected amount Murray will receive in new sponsorship deals according to

131,000- the number of new followers Murray got yesterday alone

3.4 million - the amount of times the final was mentioned on twitter within 12 hours setting a new record. Even more amazing was at 17.25 there was 120,000 tweets per minute. This has over taken the 2012 Olympics!!

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