Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hutchins recovers from cancer but still rates Murrays Wimbledon win higher
In an interview with BBC sport this morning the Brit stated that in his personal opinion Murrays Wimbledon triumph was a far greater achievement than his recovery from cancer. BBC sports quote him as saying:-
None of that is as important as Andy winning Wimbledon.”
"It was amazing to become healthy, but that was the most incredible moment of the year. Cancer and the whole treatment, you forget about it."

Hitching was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma a year ago after suffering severe back pain. He has a world doubles rank
ing high of 26 (May 2012) and made four ATP doubles finals last year, winning two of them with partner Colin Fleming. Thankfully he was declared to be in remission in July.

Meanwhile in regards to the upcoming season Hutchins seems more hungry then ever for success. :-
I hope my experiences over the past 12 months can help give us that 10% extra to take us from a top-10 team to a really, really top team who are pushing for Grand Slam titles and Masters Series titles.
It's something that's a big goal of ours and something we've planned all year. We're looking to 2014 with a real thirst for success, desperate to take on the world and almost come back with a bang”

Let's hope after such a terrible year he will have a good 2014 season!

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