Friday, December 6, 2013

Mcenroe blasts the state of doubles today

Seven times grand slam champion John McEnroe has veriously hit out against the state of doubles on today's tour. McEnroe who is currently participating in the masters Tournment in London said (quoting the Daily Mail).
'Doubles, why we are even playing at his point is a mystery to me,' 
'Most of you know I love doubles but I don’t even recognise what they are playing .
'If you cut out doubles and gave that money to singles players between 200 and 1000 maybe that would do something for the success of the game. I don’t know what doubles is bringing to the table right now."
This may seem a bit of a suprise comment by the American considering he has won 9 doubles grand slams, one mixed and was doubles number one for 270 weeks. He also said that doubles players are just guys too slow to play doubles. I'm sure the ATP top 10 doubles players would really appreciate that comment! Well a lot of players would be angry with these comments obviously considering they work hard all year to complete at the top of the doubles game but their is one thing they can respect from his comment. Even if it cause controversy he's not afraid of saying what he thinks. Who would on thought that of McEnroe . . .

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