Thursday, December 5, 2013

Watson picks ex player Diego Veronelli as her new coach

 Diego Veronelli

It has been confirmed that Heather Watson’s new coach will be Argentina’s Diego Veronelli. Watson who has had a bitterly disappointing 2013 season (win/loss of 17-19) will be hoping to put this all behind her with her new coach. Reflecting upon her season Watson told the International Business Times (

"I want to get back to where I was in the rankings before I got glandular fever,"
"I'm just going to take it step by step and set a lot of mini goals because then the results and the wins will come.
"It wasn't really the year I thought it would be but things happen, and things change. Sometimes you'll hit obstacles and sometimes you'll have a lot of luck on your side and play really well. For me this year I had a bit of a hiccup and it wasn't the most successful year for me in tennis but I feel I've learned a lot. I'm stronger if anything happens like this in the future."

So who is Diego Veronelli?
The 34 year old Argentinian is based in Florida, USA and was introduced to Watson by Dante Bottini who she knows from the legendary Bollettieri Academy. Veronelli reached a ATP ranking high of 165 in 2004 and has won 8 Futures titles according to He also reached the quarter finals of the ATP Campionati Internazionali di Sicilia in 2003. He has worked with Joao Souza of Brazil and follow countrywomen Paula Ormaechea.

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