Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Updated:- Reports of match fixing concerning Spanish player

Reports are surfacing regarding a ITF investigation into alleged match fixing in relation to online betting by a currently unnamed male Spanish player. The report is from El Confidentical which says that the Spanish tennis body is aware of the ITF investigation and are currently leaving it all to them for the moment. With so many Spanish players at the top of the mens game (14/100) there is a fear it could be a well known player. Rumours was surfacing about who it was but has since been dismissed. The penalty for this can result into life time bans from the sport.


It is now confirmed that the Spanish football president is involved in defending the alleged Spanish player and insists that he is a victim of the Spanish Mafia. Quoting Javier Thebes he said the following brief statement:-

My firm is defending a player who has been the victim of the Russia betting mafia,” and that “The player is not a criminal but a victim.” So far the player name is still unknown.

Meanwhile El Confidencial today claims that match fixing is a big problem in tennis at all levels including Grandslams. The paper also alleges (this is 100% pure speculation please note) that there could be a handful of top players involved in match fixing. Quoting the newspaper they said:-
betting companies have a blacklist of players, which did not include any Spanish tennis player. Tipsarevic (has acknowledged that he has been offered money to lose on occasion), Davydenko, Fognini or former No. Azarenka are among those under suspicion.”
This again highlights how vunruble the sport can be to the betting world especially for players on the lower circuits seeking to generate more of a income.

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