Thursday, December 12, 2013

Federer expands his business opportunities - AGAIN

Rodger Federer and his long term agent Tony Godsick has joined forces again to crate a sports agency company called Team8. Amazingly Team8 has already recruited players Juan Martin Del Potro and Grigor Dimitrov. Federer for the moment will only be a client for Team8 at the moment due to his tennis commitments. In a Interview with Godsick said that agency of the agency was to work closely with a select few and not to try and generate as many recruits as possible. Quoting nytimes he said:-
“We’re trying to be a boutique agency that will manage just a small stable of iconic athletes,” 
“We’re really going to try to be selective here. Some of the other groups, they look to sign as many players as they can and hope a few of them stick and make it, and they really go after the juniors. We’re not going to.”

Somehow I think Roger Federer is still going to be a very busy man even when he retires which hopefully won't be for a while still!

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