Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Forbed 30 under 30 sports - 4 tennis playes makes the list

Maria Sharapova, 26
 Yesterday Forbes published their 30 under 30 sports stars yesterday and tennis players featured heavily. The 30 under 30 is a list of young professional people from a diverse range of areas that contribute significantly to the world via things such as entrepreneurship. Amongst the top 30 was four tennis stars (2 male and 2 female). So who were they? They were the following:-

Maria Sharapova is ranked 1st on the list which is unsurprising considering how much money she has generated. According to Forbes she was the highest paid athlete last year with $29 millions ($23 million was amazingly made off court). In addition to this her confectionery business Sugapova has a estimated revenue of $6 million!!!

Andy Murray the saviour of British men's tennis is also on the list. He has $30 million in career winnings making his the sixth highest player of all time in relation to money making. A post I posed back in July explains this a bit more.

Kei Nishikori might be a surprise for many that he is on the list. Impressively for a player not to win a grand slam he is doing incredibly well especially in Japan where he is a massive sports star. He apparently makes $9 million a year in endorsements. Imagine if he actually wins a grand slam!

Finally Caroline Wozniacki just has a face that many sponsors want assigned to their brand. According to Forbes she has earned $13.6 million in the past year of which $11 million came from endorsements.

Clearly the families of these players has big expectations regarding their Christmas and Birthday presents. 

source - forbes.com

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