Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wawrinka battles to his first Grand Slam final

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Stanislas Wawrinka has just beaten Thomas Berdych to make his first ever Grand Slam final at his 36th attempt. Both players relied heavily of serve throughout the match with only one break occuring (Berdych in the first set). In the first set Wawrinka roared to a 63 first set lead, producing some outrageously good forehands. Berdych however was playing technically well. It was noted that on a lot of point's Berdych fired shots to Wawrinka's forehand instead of the Swiss's strong backhand. Then when it came to the more pressing points he flip reversed shots to Wawrinkas backhand which the lead to him producing some errors. The approached by Berdych enabled him to clinch back the second set. Following that there was two close tie breaks sets which eventually went to Wawrinka's favour to the delighted of the crowd. The amount of Grand Slams Wawrinka has competed in before reaching a final is the second highest (36) after David Ferrer's 42!. In his post match interview Wawrinka was asked "what technique he used to defeat Berdych?" Wawrinka responded by saying :-

I played really agressively” “It was important to take advantage of rallies as soon as you can”.

The final scoreline was 63 67 76 76

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