Thursday, July 18, 2013

Radwanska - the photo that not everybody loves

Recently Agnieszka Radwanska along with other athletes appeared in ESPN's yearly "body issue". Following fellow tennis players sarena Williams, Vera Zonareva and John Isner, Radwanska showed the public that she's more than a tennis player, she's also quite photogellic. This photo however hasn't gone down so well with some people back in her native Poland. Ranwanska (a catholic) was a poster girl for Krucjata Miodych, a Polish Christian youth group. As soon as this photo appeared Ranwanska was cut from the group. According to Eurosport the group said that Ranwanska was "promoting the mentality of men looking at women as a thing rather than a child of god worthy of respect and love".

I take a somewhat different view to Krucjata Miodych. The whole point of ESPN's body issues is to showcase the bodies of some of the best male and female athletes which a lot of people (such as me) can only dream of having. It isn't exactly like Radwanska got her breasts out for a lads magazine, she did it in a tasteful format for a SPORTS MAGAZINE! If you ask me the photo is a bit tame compared to what's shown in some other magazines.

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